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« Et gloriosus in saecula » : Paléographie des notations franques nord-occidentales (970–1120) - Annexes et Planches

posted on 2023-12-08, 12:15 authored by Jean-François Goudesenne

The Materiality of Chant Manuscripts is an innovative multi-author  project dealing with the complex interconnections between learning, writing and  performing chant in the Middle Ages. A number of different methodological  approaches have been employed, with the aim of beginning to understand the  phenomenon of chant transmission over a large geographical area, linking and  contrasting modern definitions of East and West. Thus, in spite of this wide  geographical spread, and the consequent variety of rites, languages and musical  styles involved, the common thread of parallels and similarities between various  chant repertoires arising from the need to fix oral repertories in a written  form, and the challenges involved in so doing, are what bring this wide variety  of repertoires and approaches together. It is the Editors’ hope that this  multi-centric, multi-disciplinary approach will encourage scholars working in  these areas to consider their work as part of a much larger geographical and  historical picture, and thus reveal to reader and listener more, and far richer,  patterns of connections and developments than might otherwise have been  suspected.  

Online Appendix

Analyse des neumes : étude détaillée (6 pages)

ANNEXES (An. 1-7)

1. Schéma modal du Cantique de Daniel

2. Liste des témoins manuscrits examinés

3. Axes d’écriture

4. Modélisation des livres liturgiques au XIe s.

5. Variantes mélodiques

6. Coefficients de diversité graphique des neumes

7. Distribution des versets et parcours modal dans les sources

SYNOPTIQUES (Planches de format A3, pliées) 

A Tableau des neumes (pl. A-1-4)

B Transcriptions du Canticum Danielis (pl. B-1-16)

Jean-François Goudesenne, ‘« Et gloriosus in saecula ». Paléographie des notations franques nord-occidentales (970–1120)’, Musicalia Antiquitatis & Medii Aevi, 2 (Turnhout: Brepols, 2023)


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